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FBI shuts down comic scan site

Submitted by Zero on May 6, 2010 – 4:02 pm2 Comments

The FBI seems to have begun targeting scan sites. The site which has been was shut down by the FBI is which is a comic scan site .The site offered comics to download and view, the comics were things like; Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Dilbert, Peanuts, Catwoman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hellboy, Star Wars, 300, Predator, The Mask, Iron Man and Buffy and Vampire Slayer. The site has been shut down after the FBI served a warrant to the owner.

According to a press release from the law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, the FBI conducted the investigation with a consortium of comic book publishers and their legal counsels, including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Bongo Comics, Archie Comics, Conan Properties Int’l LLC, Mirage Studios Inc., and United Media.

The press release also stated that the website had posted more than 5,700 comic series for viewing without authorization. According to the law firm, the site received an average of 1.6 million visits each day before it was shut down.

I wonder how much longer until this begins to affect anime and manga sites.