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Code geass r3 announced

Submitted by Zero on January 6, 2010 – 2:20 pm53 Comments


Big update Code geass r3 announced! Click here, new name is Code Geass Gaiden Bōkoku no Akito

Bandai has recently announced their continuation of their hit show code geass, due for release sometime in 2010. It has now been confirmed that a new code geass anime will indeed be making it’s debut sometime this year. However it is still unknown if this will be a continuation, sequel or just a simple remake. More information on code geass r3 will be released on this site when made available.


The January issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Newtype magazine is announcing on Thursday that Tomomasa Takuma (Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally, Kurogane Communication) is drawing a manga that is tentatively titled Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya (Code Geass: Jet-Black Renya or Code Geass: Renya of the Blackness) next year. Goro Taniguchi, the director and story co-creator of the original Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion television anime series, created the new manga’s story concepts and is scripting the story. This is the first manga that Taniguchi is directly scripting himself.

The story takes place in the same official Code Geass history as the anime, but in a different era. The title character, Renya, is a 17-year-old boy with a mechanical left arm and shuriken throwing stars as his weapons of choice. The story begins when Renya encounters a mysterious, perpetually young witch named “Reifū C.C.” C.C. has appeared in Japan’s historical Edo era to seek a new partner for a covenant. Meanwhile, a mysterious man, with a striking resemblance to the character Lelouch of the original anime, also appears with unknown intentions.

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  • Keziah Keren says:

    but i am from philippines
    what channel will i watch it and we have cable please tell me where…

  • toniz says:

    yeah me to im from the pilipines …..sana TV 5 pala ..^_^..code geass adic…

  • Flash says:

    I love Code Geass…… I just wanted the ending to be happy than sad. Lelouch Awesome Character…. Someone who is really intelligent…..

  • japinoY says:

    TV5 code geass ? dudes ung dubbing was baaaaaaaaaaad, and i mean it

  • darkninjax says:

    hey *japinoY* what is ung dubbing? do u mean english? and if thats what u meant then ur dead wrong dude, the eng dub was waayyyyyyy better than the japs one.

    im from the united states

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree with u completley

    • Melodius says:


      I watched the Jap version and I was like o-O

    • Kiiwii says:

      Oh, I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, darkninjax, the English dubbing was AWFUL!!!! At least, in my opinion, it is, because the voices don’t fit the characters much at all. But you’re welcome to think whatever you want, I’m just telling my own opinion~ <3

      Ah, and I'm from the US as well~

    • lexxi says:

      i soo agree on that!

  • Mr.1 says:

    Wow kailan kaya yan sana dis july na !!

  • Chamber john says:

    I appreciate more when i watch animes dub in english than tagalog one.

    Im from philippines

  • Mr.1 says:

    sana meron na sa animecrazy at watchanimeon nyan !!!!

  • arc210 says:

    Im from the Philippines too i watched the 2 seasons in 4 days =) if watching anime i like japanese language english sub better than english dub and sub because american vioce actors sometimes suck specially the women…….. no hard feelings on the americans or the noes who like english dub im just expressing my thoughts……. besides it says its manga first so your not going to watch that but read it.

  • darkninjax says:

    @ arc210

    i agree with u. Not all eng. dub anime are great, only a certain ones for example the ones i loved the most were hummm code geass, dragonballz, getbackers, and this anime i forgot…..

  • swag says:

    so ur saying that a show that has just come out will will on tv doubt it
    u can just watch it on the computer

  • NOOOO i thought that both Eng, and Japanese subs were equally fun to watch i am just glad that a new season is coming out n.n *yayyyzz* <3

  • swag says:

    is lelouch on r3 anyway?

    • Sleepygirl says:

      I doubt that the original character (lelouch) will be on the R3 series in the same way as he was on the others. I think he’ll be in something similar to C.C.’s world and will be (Spoiler*) able to contact C.C. through her mind like his mother. This is a complete guess and the only basis to this is in the last episode where C.C ‘talks to herself’. Just spitballing here, but if you think about it, it’s a possibility. Right?

      • veronica says:

        if you go to the last episode and watch it in english sub she was actually talking to lelouch because he was actually drivin the carriage.

  • Yuki-Yasha says:

    GAAAH, IS DAT FOR REAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • arc210 says:

    well remember that he’ll right the manga first so its not the anime yet i think well if it is the better but if its not well still going to read it. im currently reading Nightmare of Nunnally its kinda weird because of Nunnally having a geass that allows her to see the future and she also has a custom knightmare the Mark Nemo.

  • hell says:

    you just should be glad that there are making a new season of it

  • lalai says:

    if ever wag nyo nang buhaying c lelouch you’ll just raped the season 2 ending..i loved how it end and it would be very disgusting to see lelouch on season 3. I know you know how wonderfully depressing the ending of season 2, and seeing lelouch in season 3 would just depress us more.

  • Ysa says:

    Wow………….that’s great…………….code geass r3……..can’t wait to see it

  • princess faith says:

    …wwoooooohhhh!!!!!!..i’m super excited for the R3!!!..i’ll be looking forward to it..!..nyahahahaha :D D
    can’t wait to watch R3!..make sure lelouch is there..

  • meich says:

    SUPER EXCITED!!!. .wahhh!. ^___^

  • swag says:

    i got some more news… this is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i remember the final episode of code geass r2 i think Suzaku(AKA. Zero) killed Lelouch but Lelouch is still alive. well Code geass r3 is Called Code geass r3 Rei Renya of the Rebellion. the year is 2020 a.t.b.p
    Brittanians and Black knights become together and the protector of Japan
    Schneitzer become the new Emperor of Brittania
    VV`s real name has been revealed! his real name is Vivian
    Suzaku Kururugi(or should i say Zero) became the new prince of Brittanian
    Nunally became also a new princess of Brittanian and she is Lonely in her entire Life because she miss Lelouch and she love him,well here are the list of Code geass r3 Rei Renya of the rebellion episodes
    Return1 Sun has returned to the Devil
    Return2 Knight of Atonement
    Return3 Lord of the twin
    Return4 Kallen standing
    Return5 Guren again
    Return6 Peace desire
    Return7 Emperor’s promise
    Return8 Britannian guardian
    Return9 The weight of the mask
    Return10 Lie
    Return11 Zero punitive bill
    Return12 Red
    Return13 Iscariot
    Return14 Qualifications
    Return15 Remember the name CC
    Return16 Start code
    Return17 Shunaizeru Awakening
    Return18 Reconnect Ragnarok
    Return19 Selected
    Return20 Third battle Tokyo
    Return21 Determination of the Suzaku
    Return22 Nunnally cries
    Return23 Name of God
    Return24 Prayer voices
    Return25 Tsukurareshi friendly
    well Lelouch is now 20 yrs. old and CC`s real name has been revealed her real name is Cecilia
    And here are the list of Code geass r3 Rei Renya of the Rebellion new Characters
    1.Renya=main character,naive,energetic and the body guard of Lelouch, Renya is 17 yrs. old
    2.Kyoko=young,cute,moody,intelligent girl and she knows everything about how to piloting the knightmare frames, Kyoko is 13 yrs. old
    3.Sayla=sexiest girl ever and she is the new transfer student of Ashford academy,she is the girlfriend of Renya, Sayla is 17 yrs. old
    4.Kurochi=an old mechanic man,he is designing Knightmare frames to make it better, Kurochi is 65 yrs. old
    5.ZZ=another immortal geass just like C.C and V.V.,his hair color is colorful and changes its color anytime and most of all he can revive dead people(i wish Euphemia,shirley and Rolo will be alive), ZZ`s real name is not Revealed and his age is unknown
    6.Jaski=holy brittanian knight no.3, his age is 32
    7.Makago=holy brittanian knight no.2, his age is 29
    8.Neus=holy brittanian knight no.1 and he is the best brittanian soldiers, his age is 25
    9.Gosunkugi=the best Black knight soldiers,he is much better than Kallen, his age is 27
    10.Mayuki=a veteran soldier of Neo brittanians, her age is 18
    Brittania is Schneitzer`s empire
    Black knights is for elevens
    Neo Brittania is Lelouch`s empire

    Here are the list of new knightmare frames
    1.Lancelot Rei=Lancelot albion with upgraded armor with big pulse wings and double thrust laser sword,the pilot is Suzaku(Zero)
    2.Gurren Potrod=latest model of Gurren knight mare frame series,its left arm has extreme sharp claws to fire a particle laser,its right arm is a chain gun,most of all Gurren Potrod can transform into Helicopter,the pilot is Kallen
    3.Tristan Upriser=much better than old tristan and tristan divider,it transform into jet fighter with multi missiles,the pilot is Gino
    4.Mordred Krosis=Mordred with catterpillars on the legs,its extension has big missiles,its core has big pipe to fire a particle laser,it can transform into a tank,the pilot is Anya
    5.Shen hu mokotori=10 times more powerful than normal Shen hu,it has 2 long swords,the pilot is Xingke
    6.Tesu Zangetsu=Mass produced Zangetsu,it has a mighty hard sword,the pilot is Tohdoh
    7.Vincent thruster=newest model of vincent knightmare frame series,it has extra pair of ammo and bullets,the pilot is Guilford
    8.Shippuden=upgrade armor of akatsuki series,the pilots are Black knight soldiers
    9.Rpi-46=modern Rpi series,the pilots are Brittanian soldiers
    10.Rpi-100=the biggest knightmare frame in the world,looks like an old Rpi colored with orange,the weakspot is the legs,the pilot is Jeremiah
    11.Marknemo=the knightmare frame from Code geass Nightmare of Nunally manga,the pilot is Nunally
    12.Aquila=long spiky arm knightmare frame,the pilot is Jaski
    13.Equus=horse leg knightmare frame,the pilot is Makago
    14.Regalia=horse leg knightmare frame with better armor and with wings,the pilot is Neus
    15.Tamakiriou=psycho knightmare frame,it is wingless but it can fly,it has orbit cannons,the pilot is Lelouch
    16.Lancelot albion pink colored=Lancelot Albion for girls,the pilot is C.C.
    17.Charmont=prototype knightmare frame,it has sniper rifle,short chainsaw knife,the pilot is Renya
    18.Trushhong MK2=mass produced Trushhong,the pilot is Mayuki
    19.Trushhong=knightmare frame for Neo brittanian soldiers
    20.Siegfried orbital=Fastest knightmare frame ever,Siegfried with arms and legs with extra boosters,the pilot is V.V.
    21.Nakuta=the most powerful Knightmare frame in the world,well the pilot is Kyoko a young smart girl

    • patricia zaoldyeck says:

      wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i can’t beleive that there’s some one who knows many info.infact i thought that theres someone who is a big fan of cg more than me!!!!!!!!!!i love u!!!!!!!i hope that u could be a friend of mine so that u can tell me more info bout cg!!!!!!!!!yes its true that lelouch is still alive and i have 11proofs to prove that!!!!!!!!!and 7 proofs to prove that lelouch is in love to cc!!!!!!!!!!its trueeeeeeee!!!!ihope that in r3 lelouch and cc will getting married(hehe)!!!also suzaku and kallen ,gino and anya.i wish that rolo is still alive so that nunnaly will have love story too.haaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!but i know that code geass:jet black renya is a novle of cg,just like suzaku of the coutter attack? haaaaaaaaa wat ever happens ihope that r3 would not be a tragic story again!!!cause i realy(1000000) love code geass!!!!!da best anime ever that i watched!!!!!!!!!!!!byeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jez says:

    woah, swag, dude, thats too much info, where’d you get those anyways? reading all of that feels like reading the whole story of the r3 itself.

    Food for thought: why on earth does v.v. have a girly name (vivian) if he is a boy o.o? gay i assume?

  • swag says:

    lol believe me this is ture
    srry for giving to much info

  • otaku15 says:

    …i still can’t believe it….LELOUCH is still alive…
    …its just a reincarnation i think…
    ….but still, its a continuation of the story…
    …when will R3 be release?…

  • swag says:

    dont know
    but lelouch second eye is immortaity

  • Zero says:

    @ Swag,

    You just copied that entire post about the new season off of sum guy’z video on youtube(unless ur the same guy), I know because i read the exact same thing on the video description. It actually sounds like a cool plot, but the only basis for all the info is just from one random person. Which most likely means, He made it up…O.o

    • swag says:

      wat r u takin about zero
      Im the guy Dj28sam, my friend found that for me
      u have 2 go 2 the site and translate it

  • ^_^ says:

    hi ^_^

    i am excited about code geass r3…by the time i heard that there will be i wanted to find out if its real or not…

    and its official yey XD

    i love this anime totally…my favorite to be excact…

    i just hope its not going to be a long wait..but whatever whenever..i will watch… yey…

    and swag thanks for the info…just hope its real…


    if lelouch will be in r3…i will shout…”long live lelouch”
    promise for real…

  • darkninjax says:

    when will the first episode be aired?

  • kv says:

    code geass wont be the same with out giant mecha fighting

  • JayRizzly says:

    I hope it has lelouch as the main character, not someone else, i wanna see how they bring him back

  • swag says:

    oh and also its coming in either august, september, or October so b ready if u need anymore info i got ya =)

  • Tonee says:

    Wohoooooo can’t wait hope it comes on adult swim like season 1 and 2

  • >:3 says:

    i hope lelouch is the main i couldnt stand watching it if he wasnt it wouldnt be the same

  • Wolf Flameheart says:

    really? yes! i am a code geass addict like some of you too.
    I was like WHAT? when i saw then ending of R2.
    I am sooo relieved there’s a R3.
    *jumps for joy.*

  • Nightmare says:

    i soooo cant wait, its goin to be awesome, im goin to rec all the episodes so i wont miss anyyyy!!!!!! LONG LIKE LELOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • swag says:

    lol wow
    cant wait irs comin out in 3 or 2 months

  • swag says:

    i found the manga for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya
    its so cool!!
    theirs only 1 episode though
    heres the site: