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China pushing it’s own anime,while Japan is in its slump

Submitted by Zero on March 29, 2010 – 3:18 pm5 Comments

China is making it’s move, and starting a push to help boost its own anime industry and not just be a sideliner to Japan.

Chinese people, they are starting to think, ‘How come I’m manufacturing for someone else?’ Why are we not creating anything ourselves?’”

“China is a big market, and everybody is trying to get in,”

Komazawa’s enthusiasm for something new is a small victory for China’s fledgling animation industry, and could well represent a widening crack in Japan’s global anime dominance. Japan may be the birthplace of anime, but China is gunning for its future as it mounts an aggressive effort to expand the country’s creative prowess and reputation.

Yoko Komazawa had been at the Tokyo International Anime Fair for nearly six hours when she fell in love with a brown-and-white stuffed panda — a character in one of the fair’s featured cartoons.

“It’s so adorable and interesting,” she said, staring into its gleaming pink eyes. “I want it.”

Unfortunately, the panda wasn’t for sale and Komazawa had to settle for a photo. But she walked away from the small booth impressed by the panda’s creators — from China.

“Japan is certainly an amazing anime country,” said the 30-something anime fan and collector of all things cute and cuddly. “China has some intriguing characters though. They’re different, and that definitely catches my attention.”

So why did China decide to expand its own anime industry all of a sudden?

China’s growing ambitions coincide with an ominous industrywide slump in Japan.

After peaking in 2006, the number of anime minutes made for television fell 20 percent to 108,342 in 2009, according to the Association of Japanese Animations. A survey of the group’s members shows that overseas anime revenue fell 21 percent between 2006 and 2009.

Some of the reasons associated with the slump are more adult related titles, but not just that, terrible wages and working conditions for young animators is pushing them to leave the animation industry. Because of shortages, animation companies are forced to outsource to other countries such as china, which will be able to create the work for much less money.

“The Japanese anime industry basically gave China, Korea and all these countries the keys to the candyshop,” Alt said. “By outsourcing so much work to them, they trained this work force of people who are now far more ambitious and far more hungry than a lot of Japanese animators are.”

I wonder how the anime industry is going to be 10 years from now, and how much anime will be produced in China.



  • dood says:

    So how should we called it ?
    Korean manga is named Manwah, so I thing china anime can be called

    • Zero says:

      Never even thought of that I always thought “anime” was “anime” everywhere, But Chanime doesn’t sound good they would need to think of a better name

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  • Fabrice says:

    Meh, nothing can surpass japaneses animation!

  • Namos7 says:

    I dont think that just because some anime work is done in china new anime can be created there as well!Any way japan has studio Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai along with other studios while china is just a mere copycat. I dont think that china can just erase this long history of animation in japan and start making original anime!
    AND dont forget that anime just has a crisis like all the industries nowadays that doesnt mean they are gonna be wiped out!